New Painting Workshop energized with flower essences

Vibrational Painting Workshop July 15th 1-4pmVibrational Painting Workshop-june15

Come bathe in our healing sound bath and you will also enjoy a intuitive consultation with the essence most beneficial to you.

Connecting to your innate Wholeness, Authenticity and Purpose, Wet-on Wet Painting energetically imprinting with Flower essences
All Supplies included $88. Appropriate essences will be chosen using focus and meditation exercises with discussion supported by Melody and Helena – You will create your own painting energized and infused with the healing vibrational energy of a Bach Flower Essence that resonates for you.

Helena Gorka has studied and taught Yoga for more than 40 years, practices the Healing Touch Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and has been a BFRP – Certified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner since 2001. Through her business, Inner Rhythms, she offers classes and private consultations with Bach Flower Essences, Yoga, and Family Constellation Workshops ~

Melody Owens is a teacher and an innovative artist with a purpose to create love as an expression of love and beauty and a healing tool. Seeing true beauty, love and power that lies within us all, Melody transfers that energy into every artwork. Art itself is healing, connecting with creative inspiration has led her on the path of becoming an energy healer and yoga and art teacher.

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