Meet the Team

Melody Owens

An innovative artist, Melody is a painter with a purpose to create art as a meditative and healing tool. With a passion for portraiture, her specialty is capturing the beauty and power she sees within her subjects and transferring it on canvas. As a visionary, Melody shares her gift by transcribing a dream world into physical reality. Art itself is healing, connecting with creative inspiration led her on the path of becoming an energy healer and yoga teacher.

Melody was fortunate to have apprenticed with a few world renown artists in Utah and California. Growing up in Utah in an extremely artistic family encouraged Melody to pursue her passion of art from a very young age.  She has been teaching and making a living with her art for over a decade. Before moving to California, she opened and successfully operated an art studio in Las Vegas teaching her photorealism style.
Contributing her talents to multiple charity events a year, Melody is part of the Imadonnari Street Painting Festival in Santa Barbara, benefiting the Creative Children’s Project of Santa Barbara along with a sister event in Puerto Vallarta, benefiting local charity’s associated with the Rotary Club.

In her most recent successful charity venture Melody partnered with Crystal Esperanza to create “Blossom into Yoga” which, through yoga and art, benefited women & children in Peru by providing health education and care.

“The greatest achievement for my art is to spark in my viewer a glimpse of the infinite bliss and limitless powers of creation available to us” ~Melody Owens

Tracey Moloney
My Art and Soul

Tracey Moloney began her artistic journey at the age of twelve after enrolling at the Roslyn School of Painting.   Her instructor, Charles Pasqulina helped her see the world through an artists eyes. That experience and encouragement gave her the desire to pursue a career in art.

Tracey moved from New York to San Francisco in 1988, received her bachelors degree in advertising from the University of San Francisco and her fine art degree from the Academy of Art. There she enjoyed several years of painting the cities urban landscape, as well as the cities tourist attractions for local clientele.

In 1997, Tracey relocated to Southern California, named her decorative painting mural and business My ART and SOUL, and has been working with both private and public entities for the past twenty years…. Creating one of a kind designs that help enlarge the area and transport the mind.

Her largest commissions to date are with Mother’s Market and Kitchen, where Tracey has recreated 80 foot murals with images of orange groves, strawberry fields and farms stands which were a big part Orange Counties history , not so long ago…..….

“Influenced by the desire to capture history, I like to see the and paint the ordinary …with the hopes of showing the qualities of the extra –ordinary in everyday life.


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