Corporate Painting Workshops

Team building painting projects are a great way to reduce employee stress, increase productivity and promote creativity in your business. Not only is painting fun and calming, it also helps communication, collaboration, and idea generation. Spending two or three hours painting is a great way to work on your business, brainstorm ideas and renew office morale!

Discover the Benefits:

  • Stimulates creativity and innovative thinking
  • Demonstrates the value of a group effort
  • Develops leadership and time management skills
  • Gives participants a sense of achievement
  • Provides a fun team building event with a high impact, rewarding conclusion
  • Helps to create mindfulness
  • Reduces stress
  • Great Morale Booster
  • Strong Corporate Citizenship
  • Teamwork & Creativity
  • Design and Project Management
  • Supports Strategic Planning
  • Visualization
  • Unifies your Team
  • Reinforces Creative Thinking
  • Share Experience

Book one of our Workshops:

Executive Collaboration Mural

Mural Project for Mothers Market
Mural Project for Mothers Market

This is a unique team building opportunity where we create a custom collaboration mural that is the best fit for your company. We work with you to customize the design, whether it be a company chosen design, a design chosen by the majority of the team members, or a recommendation from our highly skilled artist team. Working together in close proximity creates unity, empathy and understanding. The objective requires planning and collaboration with the adjacent artists coordinating and complementing each other. The end result gained from this planning and cooperation is the successful completion of a large mural. Price based on the size of the mural and number of participants.

Length:  3 hours per class – 1-3 classes
Contact us for a free consultation.
Studio Fee: $250
Art on the Go Fee: $150


Part of the Whole – Mural Collaboration

mural-painting-collaboration-workshop-canvas-party-encompassing-artsA three hour event where co-workers complete one portion on a single canvas – each portion being a part of a bigger picture. The team is provided with a picture of the finished project (examples include company logo, slogan, or just a picture of the group’s choosing) and then assigned a fraction of the entire picture. The individual objective requires planning and collaboration with the adjacent artists coordinating and complimenting each other – all the end goal of completing a larger mural. This event promotes extensive communication and cooperation skills as artists connect lines, finish shapes, and coordinate colors to ensure the successful completion of a larger mural. Pricing includes custom design, artist’s labor for line art, instruction during workshop, and all painting supplies, including aprons, paint, paintbrushes, and pre-drawn canvases.
Length:  3 hour class
Cost per person: $75
Studio Fee: $250
Art on the Go Fee: $150

Team Canvas Swap

Encompassing the Heart Event
Encompassing the Heart Event

Each artist begins at his or her paint station with a blank canvas and begins painting following the instructor’s lead. Every 15 minutes, artists rotate and switch stations sitting at another’s canvas where they will pick up where the previous artist left off and paint until the next rotation. Painters will take home the painting they finish on at the end. This event will challenge all co-workers to pick up mid-project, assess current progress, analyze next steps, and evaluate how to move ahead towards a finished work of art.
Length: 3 hours
Cost per person: $65
Studio Fee: $250
Art on the Go Fee: $150

Corporate Paint and Relax

You and your colleagues will follow along on your own canvas as a professional artist guides you step-by-step through the painting process. Your event’s organizer will get to choose the painting from our studio’s extensive portfolio. Additional artists, if needed, circulate to provide instructional support. You and your colleagues will get to bring your completed canvases home with you.
Length: 2.5 hours
Cost per person: $55
Studio Fee: $250
Art on the Go Fee: $150

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